''The focus of our management company is to raise new talent we’ve come to love, and create new opportunities for them! Our focus is to stay true to the music that we’re passionate about… Which is proper house music, progressive and trance .. We tend to shift away from acts going against our core values, performing dubstep/trap /Hip Hop/Rap’’ - Christian Parth / Founder. 
Lets make this business about the Music again, not about the numbers. It’s about  passion, people , creativity and talent , success should not be merely measured by money , but by pride.’’
Denial Events plans to use their outstanding relationships with agents and existing managers alike to offer a competitive advantage to their management clients, while also bringing years of talent buying experience into the fold as well. Lastly, when it comes to branding, marketing, and promoting an artist, who better than the producers and guru’s that have been on the cutting edge of festival and event production for the last 24 months? 

For more info, please email info@denialevents.com. 

Official Press Statement:

A 'dream team' of managers and artists are being announced as part of this new venture. Guido Weijerman, an Experienced Artist Management Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the entertainment industry leads the charge, with Denial Events founder, visionary and CEO Christian Parth closely by his side. Parth is obsessed with pushing the needle forward, innovation, and top-shelf thinking, making him an ideal candidate to head up a revolutionary management operation. Denial Events COO, Rafi Leibowitz, will also play a key role in the rollout of DM (Denial Management) bringing his plethora of experience on the event planning and talent buying side into this space. 

Nightlife in Miami has reached an apparent plateau, and everyone has taken notice. Even as the world famous Miami Music Week approaches, boasting goliath DJ lineups spanning a 7 day period, showcasing the world's best talent at some of the best venues, those on the ground year-round can't help but feel that the local scene has fallen somewhat flat, becoming stagnant and predictable. The absence of the true top-shelf experience is affecting the bottom line of the nightclub industry and contributing towards its demise.

Enter Denial Events, whose mantra is to redefine not only the VIP party-goers experience, but to reinvent artist programming, forcing innovation and forward thinking to once again carve out the memorable journeys into the abyss that we used to know and love, but struggle to come by very often.

Denial Events is not only bringing back the intimacy and energy so often missing in the major nightclubs, but as of today has announced that they will be developing Denial Management, a management company born on the premise that artists in today's society are often misrepresented, neglected, and far too often, get sucked into the 'black hole' of the inner workings of the industry instead of being placed in the best position possible to showcase their talents and achieve self-fulfillment.

For press availability, please direct all such inquiries including interview requests to rafi@denialevents.com.