''The focus of our management company is to raise new talent we’ve come to love, and create new opportunities for them! Our focus is to stay true to the music that we’re passionate about… Which is proper house music, progressive and trance .. We tend to shift away from acts going against our core values, performing dubstep/trap /Hip Hop/Rap’’ - Christian Parth / Founder. 
Lets make this business about the Music again, not about the numbers. It’s about  passion, people , creativity and talent , success should not be merely measured by money , but by pride.’’
Denial Events plans to use their outstanding relationships with agents and existing managers alike to offer a competitive advantage to their management clients, while also bringing years of talent buying experience into the fold as well. Lastly, when it comes to branding, marketing, and promoting an artist, who better than the producers and guru’s that have been on the cutting edge of festival and event production for the last 24 months? 

For more info, please email info@denialevents.com.